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  • Product name: Plant fiber 3d wall panels bamboo plant fiber deco wall covering
  • Number: Manhattan
  • Added time: 2016-11-17
  • Specifications: 600*600mm
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  • Tel: +86-10-64603931
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product name Manhattan
Application commercial areas, home decoration, public facilities
Dimension 600mm x 600mm
Quantity per box 28 panels | 10.08 m2
Material plant fiber
Color white


Product photos




Product introduction:

1) Material: made of plant fiber and pvc
2) Color: white
3) Size: 600*600mm
4) Install: Use glue to stick it on the wall, DIY what every you want



Inner package
Quantity Gross weight Volume
10.08m2/30 pieces 12kg 0.037



Special Service:

1) Free samples offered. You can send me your request by email.
2) OEM designs can be accepted.
3) We can provide special package service
4) If you need, we can provide design service 



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Tel:+86-10-64603931   Fax: +86-10-64609033 /
Skype: jing-3dboard
WhatsApp: +86 15601112815

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